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Operation Reinvent

Join Julie Lewitt Nirenberg, Founder and Host of Operation Reinvent.

OPERATION REINVENT ‘embraces’ women veterans from the time they leave military service, until they have successfully reinvented their lives and transitioned to a new normal.

OPERATION REINVENT advocates for women veterans. For women. By women. OPERATION REINVENT is the only full service program exclusively dedicated to women veterans.

The butterfly in our logo represents the spirit and imagination—the metamorphosis—that a woman veteran goes through as she reinvents herself and spreads her wings to take flight in her civilian life.


Tuesday, Nov. 12th 2013 at 10-11am

This is an online event.

Women Vets - Reinventing life after you leave military service. Join Gael Sylvia as she introduces our newest program designed specifically for women vets. Project: Makeover, Connexion, Up Close & Personal!

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