French Revolution

By Jackson Pasquith

National Assembly

THe third estate, tired of being treated unfairly, created the national assembly. The purpose of this group was to create a new constitution. They took the tennis court oath, which meant that they would not disband until there was a new constitution.

Louis tries to escape

King Louis was sure that he and his family were and danger. The reformers were angry and were violent. Him and his family attempted to leave France to Austria. They were then apprehended and returned under guard. His attempted escape increased the influence of the reformers.


In July 1789, citizens of the third estate attacked a prison. The prison that was attacked was the Bastille. They believed that the bastille had weapons inside of it. violence was common in the countryside.

New constitution

In 1790, the clergy created a new constitution. The new constitution was called the "civil constitution". The national assembly approved the constitution. The new constitution solved many problems.

New Leader

Maximilien Robespierre was elected the leader. He killed and imprisoned thousands of people to support his ideas. He was the end of a monarchy and the country was violent.