Hybrid Cars vs. Gas Cars

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The consumption of fossil fuels with gasoline powered cars is affecting the environment and is leading to mass amounts of pollution. Hybrid cars are cars with a gas engine and an electric motor.

Effects on the Environment

The consumption of fossil fuels with gas powered cars causes pollution. Also using gas cars can also lead to global warming. Global warming is being caused because of the mass pollution to the environment. Gas cars can harm the ozone layer.


To exchange gasoline cars with hybrid cars so pollution will decrease and the environment will be less polluted.


Hybrid cars help because they don't cause pollution, global warming, and you save money. You save money because you don't have to pay for gas. It doesn't cause pollution and global warming because you wouldn't burn any fossil fuels.

Opposing Evidence

People would argue that the cars are not powerful enough to haul things. Some people would argue that they are too expensive to afford. The Toyota Prius goes for a price of $29,990.