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September 29, 2023

This week on Team Unity...

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  • Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences are October 17-19. Please use the link below to sign up for a conference with your child's teachers.

    All conferences on October 19th will be virtual, as noted in the conference name.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must schedule a separate meeting to meet with your child's PE and elective teachers.

    To meet with Ms. James regarding math classes, she will be holding separate Math conferences on Tuesday & Wednesday from 6-8 and Thursday from 1-3 and will NOT be in Team conferences during that time. If you have scheduled a team conference during those times and wish to speak with Ms. James, please reschedule or schedule a separate conference with her.



Social Studies

We have begun learning about the major conflicts and events of WW2. Next week we will begin examining different aspects of the war: The Homefront, European Theater, Pacific Theater, and the Holocaust.



We have wrapped up our first learning goal, covering objects in the solar system. Students took a quiz yesterday on this content.

We are now starting our second learning goal, which covers gravity’s role in the universe. We will discuss how gravity affects the shapes of planets, solar systems, and galaxies. It also partially causes the orbit of planets and determines weight. Students will have a summative over our first two learning goals the week of Oct. 9




We are finishing up the novel Refugee.

Students should complete the book by next week, Friday, October 6th. This week, we focused on minor characters and how their dialogue and actions can reveal their motivations and show their character traits.

Next week, we will study how understanding small moments and epiphanies lead readers to see changes in characters.

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Please let us know if you need anything or your child is having any issues with technology or their assignments. We are here to help! Email or phone (314) 963-6450 - extensions below.

Mrs. Creath: creath.leslie@wgmail.org ext. 14200

Mr. Jones: jones.jarrod@wgmail.org ext. 14202

Mrs. Groene: groene.teresa@wgmail.org ext. 14204

Ms. James: james.bianca@wgmail.org ext. 14203

Mrs. Hake: hake.polly@wgmail.org ext. 14214

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