Impact of the Printing Press

By: Natasha Mitchell

Diffusion and Impact of the Movable Printing Press From 1400's to 1500's

From the "The Impact of The Movable Type Printing Press", " by the 1500's the movable printing press spread from Germany throughout Europe making over 200 copies of the printing press"
From the " the printing press and its "Impact"on literacy", " the printing press allowed for the democratizing of the knowledge as a greater number of individuals were provided access to more information"
From the "Geographical diffusion of Columbus's First Letter", "Columbus's letter was copied into many editions throughout Europe in many different languages because of the printing press"
From the "The printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy", " with the invention of the printing press, the most immediate effect was the output of the greater number of books at a more economical cost to the general pubic over the longer term however, books would not only increase literacy rates due to increased availability and access, but also would help begin the spread of political and religious movements within Europe."
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