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Good news - our Balance Magic challenge was a huge hit! Not so good news - due to our MAP testing schedule we've been "booted out" of the STEM Lab until later in the month!

Surprisingly, students were apprehensive in approaching the designing process - we had a lot of blank stares as students waited for us to "tell them what to do". This emphasizes the importance of encouraging students to think critically - one of the main objectives in STEM education.

When we return to the Lab later this month, we'll be making curriculum connections with our Patriot Day unit; focusing on structures, along with forces and motion.

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"Fate smiled and destiny laughed as she came to my cradle . . ."

--- Natalie Merchant, "Wonder"

I'm so excited to begin this very special novel with your student next week! Make sure to ask them about our daily readings and their corresponding written assignments.