Cool about Tundras and Taigas

Created by Miguel

What are they and how are they made?

A taiga is formed by a tundra and those things are really cold and has a little rain. A tundra is made by snowy winters that is located at the top and bottom of the world. The permafrost of a taiga doesn't allow the rain to it , so the ground is always spongy. Tundra is a "frozen desert" it is always cold and has no plants.

Canadian Taiga

This is located in Canada. It is full of conifer trees and is called a conifer forest. It effects the lives of the people living there by having snowy winters.

Antarctica Tundra

This is located at the bottom of the world. It has penguins and walrus. There are no people that live here permanently because it is so cold.

Arctic Tundra

This is located at the top of the world. Polar bears live in the Arctic but very few people live here because it is so cold and can't grow plants.