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MLSD Superintendent's Family Message Thursday Aug 7, 2020 Google Docs

August 7, 2020

Hello Medical Lake Families,

I am Tim Ames the Superintendent of the Medical Lake School District and I hope you have been able to enjoy the downtime of summer as we move into the school year. As Governor Inslee stated on Wednesday, August 5th, “We know the uncertainty surrounding school reopening is a source of extraordinary anxiety for parents and educators - anxiety not just about whether it’s safe to go back to school in person, but also about the impact to children if they don’t return to the classroom.” We understand this and it has been our struggle as we decide what to do in order to bring students back to school.

Please know we want our students in school and our number one concern is the health and safety of students, their families and our staff. Several of you have voiced concerns about this only being a recommendation. However, given that Spokane County is a high risk county with 215 per 100,000 cases of COVID being reported as of Wednesday, August 5th. Therefore, it was strongly recommended by the Washington State Department of Health and the Spokane Regional Health District to open schools with distance learning. Our school board and administrative team have the obligation to follow the strong recommendations from the health experts. Though it is not the situation we had hoped for, distance learning is one for which we have prepared for as a district.

Given that strong recommendation we are still able to bring back our most vulnerable students in small groups while following the strict guidelines to wear masks, screen students and socially distance. We are hoping small groups will lead to larger groups as it will give us the opportunity to see how things are working. We also recognize the significant impact a distance learning model has on childcare needs for families, and we understand the urgency to come up with a plan for your students. MLSD has developed partnerships with Communities in Schools for Spokane County and plans for student care for those in need. As a side note, this summer we are successfully serving a total of 30 students across all grade levels while practicing the guidelines. MLSD has developed detailed reopening plans for both distance learning and in-person instruction. Our goal is to transition students back to in-person instruction as soon as possible pending recommendations from public health officials.

In our newsletter you will find more details regarding our distance learning plan and two options for you to select for each of your students. We are asking parents to register for one of the two options so we can place students in classes and courses. Additionally, we are hosting a Heart to Heart parent session for Wednesday, August 12 at 6pm for parents to ask questions regarding these next steps. The the link to this will be posted on our website early next week

While we recognize there are many challenges ahead of us, we are very excited to collaborate with you all. We know with your support, we can stay connected and we will come together to meet the needs of “Every Student, Every Day.” We look forward to serving your students! Go ML!

Most Sincerely,

Tim Ames

Superintendent of the Medical Lake School District

Registration Form

Click this link to select your student(s) option for fall return. Please respond by August 21st.

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