Puppy Love Budweiser Commercial

Pham, Mina

Puppy Love

In the commercial, "Puppy Love," aired during the 2014 Superbowl, by Anheuser-Busch, he portrays the friendship of a Clydesdale and a puppy in order to advertise for Budweiser. Instead of depicting the usual beer-drinking scenes at bars, Budweiser used a rather more appealing way in order to advertise their product by branding their name into the Clydesdale and using the friendship of the puppy, and to create the sense of unconditional friendship or love between the two animals. USA Today quotes," The Anheuser-Busch blowout off the field was almost as impressive as the Seattle Seahawks blowout on the field." Although Anheuser- Busch's commercial did not really relate to Budweiser's beer products ,it captured the American audience through its message of friendship rather than the usual beer commercials about getting "drunk" and partying. Successfully, the pathos in the commercial and the "friendly puppy" commercial gained millions of views ranking it number one on the Super Bowl Commercial listings.