Fraser Fir Forests

The most wonderful forest around!

Plants of the Fraser Fir Forests

Fraser Fir is a native plant in the Fraser Fir Forest ecosystem. The Balsam fir is another native plant to the ecosystem.

Native animals of the Fraser Fir Forest

There are flying squirrel, weller's salamander, and rock gnome lichen. They also have spruce-fir moss spiders.

Non-native plants and animals of the Fraser Fir Forest

The Balsam woolly adelgid is one of the non-native animals that lives in the Fraser Fir Forest and there is the bark beetles. Which is a very invasive species that eat and tears apart trees.

Human impact on the Fraser Fir Forest

Rain that carries chemicals changes the soils and the chemicals come from humans. In the 18th century logged about 75% of the forest. Which killed off a lot of the wildlife and plants from the forest.

Fraser Fir Forest ecosystem services

They use the wood for logging, they also provide living places for the animals and plants. The forest has nice viewing areas for seeing scenery.

Laws of the Fraser Fir Forest

There are no laws of the fraser Fir Forest. The forest wildlife protection is debating on putting laws in to keep the forest protected. Right now the forest is not protected.

How the Fraser Fir Forest impacts the culture of the region

It impacts how people around the area eat and how they live, also what the people do . Most of the people that live around the area hunt the animals in their free time and then will eat them.
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