Good Eating Patterns

Good eating patterns will help support a good life

Why is this important???

Having good healthy eating patterns sets your outcome on life. People that have a good eating pattern will have a better outcome on life if they happen to have a bad eating pattern it would make a bad outcome on life. Not only does having a good eating pattern give you a better life but it also give you a healthier and stronger body.


A good eating pattern would contain three core meals a day with healthy amounts of the food groups vegetables,fruits, grains protein foods, dairy,and small amounts of oils.

A ban eating pattern would contain less an 3 meals a day with lots of sugars and fats

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Why do it???

Well to lead a happy healthy life of corse! If you start eating healthy and having good eating patterns now as a teenager it will continue to follow you throughout your entire life and who wouldn't want a happy healthy life.