Arabic 1 Newsletter Week 3 (9/8-11)

Lesson 1 Review , Lesson 2 Open & Extra Credit Opportuntiy

I made Module 1 Lesson 2 Available for you to work on this week if you are done with lesson 1 assignments. Lesson 2 will OFFICIALLY start next Monday 9/14 and assignments from lesson 2 will be due by end of week FOUR (9/18). But I thought this might give you a head start on the week.

What an awesome job everyone is doing in submitting due and past due assignments! Keep it up. I see that some of you are still missing assignments from lesson 1. Make sure to submit everything ASAP so your grade on the progress report will reflect the hard work you have been putting into learning Arabic. NOTE: The progress report is due next week.
CLICK: Lesson 1 & Extra Credit Video - Click to Watch

Review Lesson 1 Vocabulary and Grammar Concepts. CLICK on the video to watch basic tips and hints to learn how to start a simple conversation in Arabic! Don't forget to fill out the form "Did you Read Today's Announcement" link to get extra credit.

CLICK: Did you Read TODAY'S Announcement?

CLICK HERE to sign your name saying that you have read today's announcement! Make sure to answer the last question if you READ the article or WATCHED the video & want extra credit!!

LESSON 2: Jiim, Haa, Khaa, Daal, Thaal, Raa, Zaay ــْ / ــّ Sukun, Shadda الدرس الثاني

What's due by Sunday night 9/13

Mod 1 Lesson 1 Assignments:
  • Culture Corner Assignment: Fun Fact Quiz
  • Assignment 1.1: Writing
  • Assignment 1.2: ِAttending TWO Coaching Sessions per week
  • Assignment 1.3: Listening & Speaking
  • Lesson 1 Quiz

Past Due Assignments from Week 1& 2 (August 24-Sep 4)?

1· ____ Download BBIM (graded assignment)

2· ____ Respond to your teacher’s “Welcome Email” by clicking on Messages tab in the navigation bar (graded assignment)

3· ____ Getting Acquainted (Discussion Board)

4· ____ How do you learn ( LinguaFolio – graded assignment))

5· ____ Academic Integrity Quiz (graded assignment)

6. ____ Save and print the “Due Date Calendar”

7.____ “Orientation- Start Here” tab on the navigation bar: carefully read all information

8· ____ Language Coaching sign up Form and Survey

CLICK HERE: To play memory game with Arabic alphabet

Click: START to begin playing. HAVE FUN!!

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Alphabet Writing Game for the weekend ج ح خ د ذ ر ز

CLICK HERE to learn how to write the Arabic letters. My kids LOVE this game. Their favorite letter is "Alif". DON'T WORRY, I don't expect you know the alphabet just by playing this game. Your coach & I will be working with you on this.

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Arabic 1 Due Date Calendar ADJUSTED: PRINT

**You should print out a copy of this document and use as a check-off list to ensure that you complete everything, thoroughly, and on time. This is only a schedule of the assignments that you are to complete.