Hope for Zambia

Love like your love is unlimited & you will find that it is.

My name is Carissa Ortegon

I'm 18 years old and I'm just a person who has realized that there is a whole lot more to life than living for myself, even if you can not help me out financially I pray that by reading this flyer it will impact your life somehow. I challenge you to take a few minutes out of your day to read this

Be apart of this adventure and send me back!

Zambian children are casualties of the war against HIV/Aids. In fact, every 35 seconds, a child here becomes an AIDS orphan. This summer I will return to Zambia to serve and love the unloved, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and bring them and the people there Hope!

The need

I am asking you to please pray for this trip to zambia and if you could to help provide the funds to get there, or purchase a shirt I need $5,000 by May and even if you can't maybe you could visit Everyorphan.org and sponsor a child, or give a one time gift so that children like wise would find hope in Jesus Christ, I know that God has amazing things in store for this summer and I want you to be apart of it!


If you would like to support me or find out more information about Global Expeditions please contact me at hopeforzambiaafrica@gmail.com in order to donate

go online to http://Globalexpeditions.com Click donate, support a missionary and enter my ID# Or Scan the code to the right and enter my missionary ID # which is 2563523! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my heart for Zambia.
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Click donate, support a missionary and enter my ID# which is 2563523! Thank you so much, your support and your prayers are greatly appreciated.