Rush Revere and the first patriots

By Rush Limbaugh Project by Sophia Bima


At the start of the book Rush and Liberty his time traveling talking horse meet there new student Cam His is from Colorado. Cam thinks that Liberty is not really talking or that he can time travel. Later that day Cam, Tommy (one or Rush's history students) and Rush got on Liberty and went to 1765 because Liberty had mind traveled Benjamin Franklin to the present. Cam and Tommy got to meet Ben Franklin and he thought that Liberty had a very special gift.


Elizabeth the very mean daughter of the principal said she had caught them on camera time jumping. She threatened to tell her dad if they did not take her to met the king of England. Elizabeth and the king were perfect together. But when they got back to the present Elizabeth told Tommy that she needed to go tell the king to no t send the tea to America so then Americas would never have freedom. But Elizabeth did not get away with it.


In the end I was very happy that I read this book and that Elizabeth did not get to see the king again because they took her to Boston instead of England. Where she learned you don't have to be mean to get people to like you.