The Hinduism Life of Prayer

By: Haley Wilson

Their beliefs

One of the Hinduism's beleifs are dharma, it means the teachings of Buddha (which is one of their gods they worship). They also believe in karma, it means the sum of a person's actions. Another thing the believe in is samsara, it means reincarnation. Mosksha was another thing they believed in and it meant the cycle of death and rebirth.
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Was the cycle of death and rebirth.

Hinduism Holy Text

The Hinduism's holy text was called the Vedas.
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Where was the Hinduism's founded?

The Hinduism's where founded in India, that is were most of the population is.
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Polytheistic and Monotheistic

The Hinduism's were both monotheistic and polytheistic because the belive in many gods but a part of Buddha is in all of them.
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Hinduism's Hindu Trinity and their Holidays

The Hinduism's "Hindu Trinity" is Vishnu, Shiva, Brahama.

Some of their holidays that they celebrated is, Oman, Vishnu, Rama Navama, ect.

House of worship and Days of worship

Their house of worship was called the mindir.

Their days of worship may take place whenever an individual wishes.

Hinduism's cereimoines

There cereimoines involved praying to their gods and there rituals are taken place in a temple.

Hinduism's clothing

The woman wear two peices of cloth
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