Summer Youth Employment Program

Logan Miller - Pediatric Department 2013

Presenting Introductions

  • Maria Lobrino and Logan Miller
  • Pediatric Department
  • Delivery of Healthcare within Pediatrics and interaction Pediatrics and Kaiser Permanente
  • How Maria got to where she is today
  • My goals for the future
  • What I learned from the Summer Youth Employment Program


  • My name is Logan Miller
  • Back-round Information
  • Maria Lobrino
  • Back-round Information

Pediatric Department

What is the Function of Pediatrics?

  • Preventative care
  • Compassion and reasoning
  • Providing deductive skills, education, open minds, and support to children and their parents
  • Delivery of Healthcare

How Does Pediatrics Interact with Other Departments?

  • Lactation
  • Women's Health
  • Minor Injuries Clinic
  • Injection Clinics in other Kaiser Permanente Locations
  • Adult Medicine

Maria's Job Is...

  • L.V.N
  • Injection nurse
  • Consulting with patients
  • Preventative Care
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How Maria Got There

  • High School
  • LMC, DVC. Twelve Month Program for L.V.N.
  • Administration back-round geared her toward more patient interaction
  • Other Hospitals
  • She has been at Kaiser Permanente now for six years
  • Maria's motivation and where she wants to go

My Aspirations After Going Through the Summer Youth Employment Program

  • DVC (become fluent in Spanish, certified Phlebotomist, do volunteer work)
  • Partnership program with Holy Names and Samuel Merritt for Nursing
  • Army Reserves as a Nurse
  • Back to KP
  • Happiness

What I Learned from Maria and Being at Kaiser Permanente

  • Professionalism, Positivity
  • Respect
  • Smile Ethic
  • Family