Between Shades of Grey

By: Izzy Spillane

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Begins 1941, Lithuania. Stalin and Hitler are against each other. The Soviet secret police burst into the Vilkas's home deporting Lina, a 15 year girl and her family, to an Altai labor camp. After a while they are sent to an Arctic labor camp. Throughout the story Lina is determined to make it out alive, no matter what she has to endure.





Stalin Vs Citizens : Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) from 1929 to 1953. He ruled by terror; millions of his citizens died during his brutal reign. After he signed the nonaggression pact with Hitler in 1939, he proceeded to annex Poland, Romania, the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. He sent many people to forced labor camps to work and die. He killed over 20 million people during his reign of terror. (Man Vs Society)

LIna Vs. NKVD: Lina hates the NKVD. When she was going to shower an NKVD gaurd molested her. Then when she gets to the Altai camp she doesn't like Kretzsky, a young NKVD guard. She thinks he is mean and rude. (Man Vs Man)

Prisoners Vs. Weather: People at the camp have to survive through cold winters.

(Man Vs Nature)

Mrs. Azkyas Vs. NKVD guards: She has to deal with having to sleep with the NKVD guards. Also how they physically hurt her.

(Man Vs Man)

Jonas Vs Sickness: He falls sick when he doesn't have enough to eat. Andrius gives him some canned tomatoes. Then, later at the Arctic labor camp he becomes sick again. Kretzsky, the young NKVD guard, sends a doctor to the camp.

(Man Vs himself)

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Lina and her family are deported from the Altai labor camp that they were at for 10 months. She has to leave Andrius since he is not on the list.
Author Ruta Sepetys talks about the true history behind Between Shades of Gray