Gun Control

Chris Martin

The Problem?

There have been many high profile shooting in America over the past few years. Now, with many people concerned, some people would like a ban on guns for their safety. Some examples of these shooting are in the picture below.

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Why is this issue contraversial?

While it would seem like a good idea to put a ban on assault/military type weapons, some people are making an argument against this because of the 2nd amendment in the Constitution, which gives people the right to bear arms.

Donald Trump's plan of action on gun control

Donald Trump strongly favors gun rights along with the 2nd amendment. He has said that guns "make the US safer, not more dangerous". He also said that every one should have guns in order to protect themselves.

Hillary Clinton plan of action on gun ontrol

Hillary is pro-gun control. She has said that she wants "common sense" gun laws. Hillary has also said she believes "weapons of war have no place on our streets". If she were to become president she would most likely pass a law banning assault weapons.


Republicans in congress believe that the 2nd amendment should stay the way it is and that people should be allowed to own guns.

Democrat on the other hand are against guns, for the most part, and want to get a law passed that would put a ban on assault weapons in the US.

Organization for and against gun control


The NRA (National Rifle Association) is strongly in favor of gun rights


Coalition to stop gun violence is a "membership" of 48 organizations against gun violence

Other Candidates

Gary Johnson is against bans on guns.his ideas on gun control are somewhat similar to Trump's.

Jill Stein however is in favor of restrictions of guns.

My position

I personally think there should be a ban on weapons. There is no need for people to have guns just for the sake of having a gun. Even if it is to protect yourself, if there are no guns to hurt you in the first place, then you should not need a gun to protect yourself with. There have been too many shooting lately and the only way to reduce that is to put a ban on guns.