By Alan Donoso

Chargers, Raiders, Rams File for Relocation to LA: Details, Comments, Reaction

The 2015 season are over for the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, and St. Louis Ram they all submitted application so they can relocate in Los Angles. Starting the 2016 NFL season those three team would be locate in area around Los Angles. To relocate in Los Angles there a fee of $550 million per team.

How much money they going to spend to make three stadium in LA?

Are they really going to spend $550 Million for one team?

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6.3 earthquake in Afghanistan

In December 25 of 2015 a earthquake hit in Afghanistan. 30 people were injured by 6.3 earthquake. It took place in northwest Afghanistan where house are made of mud. People that lived in that area were farmers. The earthquake was 125 miles deep.

Was this the most powerful earthquake that happen in Afghanistan?

Russell Westbrook Hands out Shoes and Backpacks to 65 Homeless Children in OKC

December 19 of 2015 The NBA player Russell Westbrook goes to City Rescue Mission to hand out shoes and backpack to children. City Rescue Mission was founded in 2012. Russell Westbrook said, "A children's situation a little better is to put a smile on their faces."

Feds raid drug 'super tunnel' with railway on U.S.-Mexico border

Smugglers on the U.S. and Mexico Border have been moving drugs in underground tunnel with railway. This tunnel was made in 2006 but in October 24 of 2015 they find out there was a tunnel built. The tunnel stretches the length of eight football fields, It was built inside a Tijuana warehouse to a San Diego warehouse, that had a rail system, lighting, and electricity. They cross 12 tons of marijuana with a street value of $6 million dollars from Tijuana Mexico to Sad Diego California. They arrested 22 people that work in those warehouses.

Was there someone that told y'all about this tunnel?

What are y'all gonna do with this tunnel?

Kids allowed sips of alcohol are more likely to drink in high school

The Journal of studies on Alcohol and Drugs, founded that children who sipped alcohol by the sixth grade have about five times more likely to have a full drink by the time they were in high school and four times likely to get drunk. Twenty-six percent of the kids who sipped alcohol said they had a full drink by the ninth grade. Nine percent said that they gotten drunk. Some issues that could encourage problem drinking is how much their parents drink, a history of alcoholism in their family, or having a risk-taking personality. "I think the most important things is to make sure that children know when drinking alcohol is acceptable and when it is not", said Jackson, a research associate professor at Brown University's Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies.

Is it okay to let high school students to drink?

Why would their parent drink in front of them?

Iphone 7 coming out in 2016

Hopefully this year Apple will make the Iphone 7 with iOS 10 include. They made 6 and 6s so I'm thinking they would make the Iphone 7. Every year or months Apple makes a new Iphone with different features. Also Every year there a new generation that comes out. But why doe, because Apple wants people to stop buying android phone and start buying Iphones.

My 2016 story

First thing first is walk the stage and get my high school diploma. Hopefully this summer I'll buy a new car or truck. I'm thinking of buying a BMW 323i or 2003 Ford Lightning. Also hopefully get two jobs, One for the night and one the day. Head to North Lake College to take classes of photography so i can be a photographer later in life. Finally buy a airplane ticket to San Luis Potosi in Mexico