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Rock Wall Climbing

Reminders for The Rock Wall Trip!

Hi there!

Just wanted to touch base with you in reference to tomorrow's field trip to Rock Wall Climb at Winthrop. First, let me assure you the trip is SAFE! However, we do have a strict dress code to keep it that way.

Please make sure your child comes dressed in tennis shoes (climbing shoes are fine if you own them), shorts and t-shirts. Slick athletic shorts tend to ride up under the harness, so khaki or denim shorts are better. If a child shows up in open toed shoes, they will not be allowed to climb. Also, please remember to pack your child's lunch if they signed up to bring their lunch.

Listening on field trips is imperative. Having a conversation about manners and listening will reinforce what they hear from both Ms. Roof and myself.

Thank you for allowing your child to go on this trip. Going to an actual college campus gets them excited to go to college. Many of them have never been on a college campus, so this allows them to visualize them selves there one day! As an educator, it thrills me to see them so excited over going off to college.