I am...

Siera Smeltzer, Junior


  • Playing instruments

  • Writing

  • Gaming

  • Creating anything

  • Drawing

  • Organizing with podcasts


Music is my whole life, picking just one is hard. I’ve listened to bands since before elementary school, I can’t imagine a life where there was no music. I listen to all kinds of music in all different languages, so just in case I picked my favorite ENGLISH song. The result would be completely different if I picked my absolute favorite. Carry on my Wayward Son, by Kansas. It holds a lot of meaning to me, and it’s a part of my life now. Since the song has been featured on my favorite TV show, i've grown to love both the song and show a little more. The show has always held deep meaning to me, mostly because I have watched it for 5 years.
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Honestly i’m not really involved in anything. I’ve never been the greatest with people, so I find a majority of my time I stay at home.


As in the last slide, i’m not the greatest with people. The only times I left my house over the summer was the occasional visit to my grandparents house, which is less than 10 minutes away from mine. I spent almost all summer drawing, singing, and organizing my room more times than I can count.


“When you’re happy, you enjoy the music. But when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.”-Frank Ocean

This is my favorite quote because of my relation to music. I think at some point in everyone’s lives they have heard a song and liked it without knowing it’s real meaning. I find a lot of the times I listen to music that sounds happy, but ends up being sad, and I don’t realize it until i’m genuinely sad.
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I absolutely love all my pets, I have two dogs and just recently added a cat to our small family. My older brother got a dog when he was little, which we’ve kept ever since. I got a dog as well when I was in middle school to teach me responsibility. Lastly, we got a cat about 3 months ago since our third dog had died.


I have actually already visited the only place I really wanted to go to. There are several events that I want to see, but I don’t care much for the places themselves. Last year my family went to Pulaski Tennessee to visit my Uncle and see the house where my mom and uncle’s grew up. It was a small town, with very few people living in it, but I enjoyed the short period of time we got to spend there, I would love to go back.
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