Canada! :)

about Canada's history and culture

Where do people live in Canada?

Most of the people that live there live in the south part of Canada. The climate in Canada can get up to 35 degrees C at daytime and -25 degrees C overnight. Canada is a place for people who like the cold. If you don't like the cold you should not live there. Summers there are warmer than the winter by 25 degrees.

Canada's exports are 18% Crude petroleum and 10% cars. Canada's top Imports are 6% Cars and 5.6% Crude petroleum.

Canada's Environmental Issues

Canada is over using their natural resources in the Canadian Shield. It is causing too much pollution. It is harming/killing animals and plants. Acid rain is harming the environment including the Great Lakes.

Canada's History

The indian tribe that lives in Canada is called the Inuit. They lived in the southeastern side of Canada.

Canada was founded by the French and English. John Cabot an Italian explorer, sailed to Canada's east coast in 1497. Cabot claimed land for England (his sponsor) and named it Newfoundland. Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence river in 1534. He claimed land for France. In 1608, Samuel de Chaplain built the first permanent French settlement in Quebec. With all the French and English explorers, Canada has a lot of French and English culture.