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August 18, 2014 Volume 2

Techie Tuesdays Lead the Path of Innovative Trainings

Techie Tuesday's are our way of providing meaningful technology training. We focus on one topic to provide the opportunity for mastery and enthusiasm to try in your classroom the very next day. Our first Techie Tuesday of the year of September 23rd. Our topic for September is Going Googly in the Classroom. In order to come to one of our trainings, simply fill out the form request to attend a conference from your school and have your principal approve it. Your school is responsible for providing a substitute and you will spend the day with us at Lewis and Clark Middle School in our office room A122.

Online Courses Begin September 6th!

Join us for online learning this fall. Sign up for one or more of 25 courses offered throughout the year! For details, go to the online course website at .

Quick Reminders About Help Desk

When placing a work order in the Help Desk, please be sure to:

  • use your full name
  • give the location of the problem
  • provide computer, printer or equipment names/numbers
  • give detailed descriptions of the problem~The More details your provide, the better our tech team can help you.

All of these things will help process your work order in a timely manner. Thank you in advance!

Mac Tips and Tricks to Try!

For a screen shot of whatever is on your desktop use shift command 3.

For a snippet of something on your screen use shift command 4 and then click and drag on your trackpad over the area you want to capture.

Update to Mavericks

Updating to Mavericks will give you some great new features like being able to read your iBooks right on your laptop, using the new iMovie and iPhoto apps, and providing the Pages, Keynote, & Numbers update. To update to the new operating system go to your Mac App Store App. It is probably sitting on your dock. Search for Mavericks OS and click to download. Once it is downloaded, click install. Just make sure all of your other applications are closed. Plan about an hour for the entire process. You can do this at home as well. Once you have installed Mavericks you need to tell your computer to allow apps from anywhere, otherwise you will be unable to use Power School.

Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab > click the lock > type in your computer password>check to select Allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere">Click the padlock to lock.

Next, go to Common, Teachers Only. Locate and copy the QuickAdd-June2014.pkg to your desktop and double click to run it.

The last thing you need to do is update your iMovie and iPhoto apps. These can be found in Self Service under App Updates.

Contact your BTC if you need any help with updating to Mavericks.

For the detailed instructions click here.

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Meet the #tt4t Technology Team

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Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

District Technology Trainers

Jeanette Carlson

Twitter: @mrsjcarlson

Ann Feldmann

Twitter: @annfeldmann1

Jennifer Krzystowczy

Twitter: @jennykbps

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