The Wonderful Taj-Mahal

The eighth wonder of the world


The Taj-Mahal. Who built it,why did this person build it,and what is in there? In this story you will find out all these answers and more. I am Connor Phillips and this is monumental mystery.

Who built it.

The year is the 1600's ad Shah Jahan the empor is building this big palaces called the Taj-Mahal. His workers are skilled carpenders but they don't know that when they are finished they will get there hands cut off but it was worth it. There will only be one Taj-Mahal forever. the Taj-Mahal was built with white marble. In my opion it is the best building in the world.

Why is he building it.

Shah Jahan is building this Taj-mahal for one reason. for his third wife Mumtaz Mahal. She died giving birth to her 13th child. He wanted to make some thing to remember her by so he made the Taj-Mahal.

what is in there.

So you might be wondering what is in the Taj-Mahal? The things that are in the Taj-Mahal are both Shan Jahan and his wife are in the Taj-Mahal. The Taj-Mahal has alot of other stuff in it but the two people are the big things in their.


We learned about the person who built it. Why he built it and what is in there now. Their might be some more mystery's and questions that we might not be able to solve. I'm Connor Phillips and this is monumental mystery's