French Program:

Geography of France

History of France

France in the art:

The louvre museum


France and famous artists:

Brigitte bardo


Cannes film festival:

- history:

- French actresses and actors

- famous French movies

- Cannes during the festival

-Cannes hotel to stay and restaurants to go and clubs/ places to go

France and famous architectures :


- castles

- building

- monuments

France in the fashion:

Haute Couture:


Yves Saint Laurent:

France and the food:

France and the French peoples:

France and the wines:

France and the city: Paris

France and the east of France cities: Strasbourg

France and the south east: marseille Cannes nice bonus Monaco

France and the south west cities:

France and the best museums

France and cinematography/ movies:

France and politics:

France and countryside:/ pay sans and villages

France and music?:

France and famous chefs/ restaurants:

France and metropolis:



Corsica island:


African countries:


The Versailles:




The French red wines:


The French white wines:

French champagne special: get a YouTube video from help with that


Restaurant series: l atelier de robluchon:



Dishes analyses

Dessert menu analyses

Conclusion questions