Spargo's Snapshot

Keeping us CONNECTED at Summit Intermediate

Volume 1 Issue 4

Oct. 14, 2016

Innovation Snapshot - highlighting a teacher trying something new

Rachael Jones tries out Screencastify

In the last week or so, Rachael Jones has tried out a new project with her students. Each of her students researched and made a slides presentation about a historical figure. After their presentation was created the students used Screencastify to record themselves presenting their slides.

The project has had a few bumps, but overall has been successful. If you are interested in trying out some student recording, talk to Rachael about her experience or let me know and we'll get together on it.

New Resource Ideas............................................... Tech on Tuesday Focus

TrueFlix Library Resources

Dora has purchased the Trueflix library from Scholastic. TrueFlix is a highly-engaging science and social studies multimedia resource! Students can improve literacy skills and build content area knowledge through a variety of text types and media, including primary sources, videos, audio clips, and more. Trueflix includes a large number of e-books that students will be able to access through the library system. There is not a limit to how many may "check-out" the book.

Come to Tech on Tuesday in Room 318 at the beginning of your plan period for a demonstration of the available books and what all the options are with them.


This extension was found and shared by Cami White. She loves AdBlocker because it will actually block ads/commercials on Pandora. That means you are getting AD FREE radio...which usually requires a paid membership!

Technology Support Tip of the Week

New projectors overheat and power off

If you have one of the new projectors they have returned to the days of having a filter protecting the bulb. The filter can get so packed with dust and dirt that it allows for the bulb to overheat. When this occurs your projector will give you a heat warning on the screen, then power off and then have 2 red lights displayed. This is very simply fixed and does not require you to submit a ticket or be without your projector for an extended period of time.

In the photo notice the filter on the side of the projector. There are 2 latches at the top. Release those latches and the filter will come off. Over a trash can, blow on the filter and shake it to release any dust/dirt. Put the filter back in place. You should then be able to hold down the power button and get it to come back on. There have been a few cases where you actually need to unplug it, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in to get it to power back up.

Please use the form below to let me know of assistance you might need or to give me an idea of a great resource you have found, that I should share with everyone!