Ineffective Student Activities

Making CHS More Fun and Productive

There are many activities in CHS that are relatively pointless. For example, pep-rallies involve students mindlessly sitting in the bleachers watching cheerleaders and other groups perform. It is obvious that they are unenthusiastic because they would use that time to talk to nearby friends, text, or work on homework. Occasionally, there would be random games and shows that is supposed to be "entertaining" such as TP'ing, eating contests, etc. Then, staff members would announce how well our Coppell sports teams are doing such as tennis, volleyball, and football. Why not just announce these things during morning announcements and not waste 50 minutes of class-time?

The Solution

Hopefully, staff members can come to an understanding what is and is not productive. Some solutions to these problems I personally offer is thinking like a high student. Spur is meant improve a student's life socially and pep-rallies are meant to increase school spirit and morale. However, staff members fail to realize what actually interests high school students. Spur should actually be discarded because social issues and relationships are meant to be solved by the student themselves. Students do not need a program that is supposed to "help them socially". Another suggestion are clubs. Students should be strongly encouraged to join clubs that will help them with their future career yet have fun at the same time. Currently, hosts of student programs and activities need to think out of the box and be more creative in order to students more productive, otherwise, do not have them at all.

Author: Joseph An