Make & Do For the Little iPad Crew

Tracy Clark & Jamie Locklin | iPad Academy, TCEA 2016

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Digital Meets Physical Exploration

You have 30 minutes to explore the activities around the room. There is a series of Math activities, a series of Science activities and a series of mixed examples. Please actually try out the activities as if you were the students. How could the learning opportunity be extended and/or deepened through technology? Share your thoughts with the people around you as you explore.

Make & Do Math Samples

1. Click this link to start the Typeform that goes along to track your responses to the series of activities. Make sure to read all the instructions at each station! If a station is busy go to another and come back. There are not stations for each letter necessarily (just checking to see if you are awake).

Make & Do Science Samples

1. Click this link to start the Typeform that goes along to track your responses to the series of activities. Make sure to read all the instructions at each station!


Consider where technology plays a role of substitution, augmentation, modification or redefinition

Make & Do Activities

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

The Physical Book Here

The Digital Interactive Book in iTunes

The Augmented Reality App that Brings the Physical Book to Life

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More Free ColAR Mix Pages

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More AR Resources and Making Connections

Additional Apps

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Top 10 Make & Do Tips

When it comes to creating Make and Do learning opportunities with technology, these are just a few things I've learned from personal experience in my own classroom, experience helping teachers in their classrooms, or learning from those who have had these epiphanies!

Another Example Vid:

1. Start with the learning outcome

Lead with the curriculum

2. Beware of becoming Appcentric

Fads fade

3. Discover different ways to demonstrate thinking

Make thinking visible

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Honeycutt

4. Pair Physical & Digital

Power of combining physical & digital.

5. Encourage culture of creativity not conformity

1st day 1st year teaching story

6. Leave time to play

Brain research, common sense & observations

7. Have a plan B

Tech gremlins! Don't hit this --->

8. Rethink learning spaces

9. Provide supporting visual resources

Physical-plastic frames & bright stickies

Digital- Snapguide, EdCanvas, Blabberize (Wally & spelling words)

10. Train the trainer

Take the students who get it. Let them show other students how it is done.

Tracy Clark

Tracy is a former bilingual teacher, turned teacher of teachers and education consultant. Tracy is the founder and CEO of Building Thinkers, an educational consulting company focused on work that does just that--builds thinkers at the district, campus, and classroom level. Reach out to Tracy to discuss projects that move students to the center of the learning conversation. Folks not ready for change in our edu-system--need not apply.

Jamie Locklin

I am a father of five wonderful children who is a Google Educator with a Masters in Education Technology from Azusa Pacific University. I have experience in primary and secondary schools that I utilize to combine the best of classroom pedagogy with the 21st century tools of today. In my current role as a the Director of Digital Learning in Hays CISD, I come beside administrators and teachers in both 1-on-1 and PLC environments to help set and achieve goals using Jim Knight coaching strategies.