Hybrid and FDL Program Information

To help with your decision-making

K/1 Surveys are due on 9/30

Dear Briones Families,

If you are still deciding between the Full Distance Learning (FDL) and Hybrid On-Site learning programs I would like to share some updated information with you in hopes that it will help you with your decision.

As I mentioned when I sent out the community conversation video, there is no right or wrong choice, just the one that works best for your family. I hope this information helps to clarify what your choices mean and how we are planning for the safest possible return to school.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions at kbimpson@pausd.org

With care,


What your choice means: Full Distance Learning (FDL)

• Choices are for the rest of the 20-21 school year.

• You will most likely have a new teacher and a new class cohort from other sites.

• The schedule will look very similar to the five-block schedule you are experiencing now in distance learning with synchronous core content lessons and synchronous/asynchronous specials lessons.

• The FDL program is housed at Greendell, however, you will still stay connected to Briones via communications from Katy and the PTA.

• Your child will return to Briones when school reopens for the 21-22 school year.

What your choice means: Hybrid

• Choices are for the rest of the 20-21 school year.

• Currently K/1 cohorts are scheduled to return on October 12, 2nd/3rd cohorts on October 26, and 4th /5th on November 9.

• Once we know how many families will be returning to campus, we will configure classes based on best practices for creating academically balanced classes while taking friendships, current class configuration, and county/district requirements into account.

• Depending on numbers, you may have a new teacher and/or reconfigured class, however, you will have a teacher and students from Briones.

• Hybrid schedules, as of tonight, 9/28, have been reconfigured. Here are some notable schedule changes for the hybrid program:

  1. Every 1st-5th grade classroom will begin the day with a synchronous full class Zoom morning meeting with ½ the class at home and the other ½ at school. This replaces the afternoon synchronous zoom with the cohort that is home.

  2. Specials will be taught synchronously by PE, music, and library teachers on zoom with students during their "at home" days. Art lessons remain asynchronous in both hybrid and FDL programs.

  3. All specials teachers, (PE, Music, Library) will teach in person for kindergarten only, thus reducing the amount of cross-cohort exposure.

  4. Those students not on campus will have 2-3 synchronous lessons on two of the days at home, with asynchronous lessons on alternating Wednesdays.

  5. "In school" instructional days for students in grades 1-5 will be from 8:15 AM-1:40 PM. Students "in school" alternating Wednesday schedule will be from 8:15 AM -1:30 PM "At home" instructional days for students in grades 1-5 will be from 8:15 AM -2:35 PM Kindergarten in-person learning will occur on the same AM/PM cohort daily.

  6. Lunchtime for students at home has been moved to a later time in the day.

Safety Information for the Hybrid Program

The safety of our students, families, and staff is paramount as we plan for reopening.

• Four entry/exit points will be assigned based on proximity to the classrooms of students. Older siblings can join younger siblings at their assigned entrance and will have a safe path to walk to get to their classrooms. Bike racks will be provided at entries to encourage walking and biking.

1. Georgia Ave. West (Near Gunn): Rooms 1, 2, 5, and 6

2. Orme St.: Rooms 7, 8 and 10

3. Georgia Ave. East (New MP room gate): Rooms 11, 13 and 14

4. Maybell (near JBKC): 15, 16, and 17

• Fences and gates have been installed and physical distancing "Bobcat paw prints" have been painted throughout the campus. Physical distancing decals and arrows will be in place in every room/building.

• The playground has been made into six zones. Recess and lunch schedules will be staggered with time for disinfection between cohorts (including kindergarten). A rotating schedule for classes and zones is in place including assigned bench seating.

• Custodians will be using electrostatic sprayers to apply a citric acid-based disinfectant on benches, structures, poles, bathrooms, and classroom-specific play equipment (including Kindergarten bicycles) between recess and lunch cohorts followed by deep cleaning of buildings after school hours.

• Dismissal will be staggered through the same assigned gates.

• Students will be required to wear masks in grades K-5 with the exception of those for whom wearing a mask is not medically advisable.

• PPE for teachers (paper and cloth masks, face shields, gloves, and paper gowns) is on campus along with hand sanitizer and wipes.

• Student PPE includes paper and cloth masks and will be provided by the district.

• An outdoor station will be set up in the breezeway near the office to evaluate student injuries/illness. If students exhibit symptoms of COVID 19, they will go to a "feel better" room (a classroom) and parents will be called to pick students up (see the site-specific health and safety protocols below for details).