Week at a Glance

Jan. 11-15

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning usually has three components:

  1. Face time with the teacher,
  2. Computer-aided instruction/student technology use for creation, sharing and communication,
  3. A third "station" giving students choice and ability to collaborate with peers around shared interests related to content
  4. Teachers can have more stations than three to control group sizes
Blended Learning is often referred to as "station" teaching in the middle years and "centers" in the early years.

The third station is the area where teachers have autonomy to design/facilitate and set-up spaces for students to explore, engage in game play, collaborate with a friend to complete a performance task, select from a menu of choices as to how they will demonstrate knowledge of the TEKS, write in an interactive journal,create a digital story, engage in a PBL, or work on a passion project etc. The more we can let students connect content to their interests and passions, the more deeply students will understand and be able to transfer and apply the concepts and skills being taught.

What do the various models have in common?

Some resources will describe five models of blended learning, others four. The key point is that students have some control over their learning. Why is this important?

How does blended learning support the AISD Strategic Plan?

How does blended learning support social emotional learning?

How does blended learning support the vision of Small Green Tech Academy? (that's all of us, folks)

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In PLC's This Week: Incorporating the Seven Steps into Plans

1/11 Monday - We will meet in Room 105 for PLC's at A1, A3 and A5. All teachers should stop by on your planning time. The topic is incorporating the Seven Steps into your lesson plans. Bring the planning card you received at PD and your plans - whether they are electronic or paper. This is a hands-on PLC.

If your planning time is A7 - we will meet on Tuesday in Room 105.

1/12 Tuesday - Admin will meet by departments at A1 and A3.

A7 will be a repeat of the Monday topic with 8th grade and any other teacher off at A7 to incorporate the Seven Steps into your lesson plans. (See email from Obersteller for the spring PLC calendar).

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Ways to Show Your Pride This Week:

Monday 1/11 Attend your PLC and support our school wide Reading and Writing Initiative and commitment to building academic content vocabulary with our students.

Tuesday 1/12 CAC Meeting - Dual Language will be the primary topic

Wednesday 1/13 -dress to Celebrate Culture Day

Thursday 1/14 - Wear your school spirit shirts and jeans for Boy's Basketball 7th gr. @ Small vs. Bailey, 8th gr. @ Bailey

Friday 1/15 - Wear your higher education shirts and jeans and enjoy the MLK Holiday on Monday.