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Week March 15, 2021

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Message from the Principal

Hello All,

Early last week Governor Brown ordered all Oregon schools to reopen with a hybrid or full in-person instruction and secondary schools must open the week of April 19, 2021. Please know that we are working on our hybrid and CDL schedules, safety protocols and many other details to ensure that our students and families are supported throughout this process. Fortunately, last summer school staff drafted Operational Blueprints for the district and each of our schools based on the guidance from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) - copies of each school’s Blueprint can be found on the district’s website at Information about these plans will be shared in the next couple of weeks with all families.

Please fill out the Return to Learn Survey and let us know whether you will have your child(ren) in hybrid in-person learning or continue in comprehensive distance learning.

Below is the communication shared with families this past week:

NEW!!! Return to Learn Survey

Hello CMS families,

We are excited to offer hybrid in-person learning starting the week of April 19. As we plan for hybrid learning, we would like to know from you whether you will have your child(ren) in hybrid in-person learning or continue in comprehensive distance learning. Details about both options are included in the Google Forms below. Please use the form to let us know your choice by Sunday, March 14.

Google Survey (English)

Google Survey (español)

Google Survey (русский)

If we can answer any questions, please give us a call at 503-762-3206.

Thank you,

Centennial Middle School

In this issue you will find:

  • No School Thursday March 18, 2021 & Friday March 19, 2021 (Conferences)
  • No School Spring Break March 22-26, 2021
  • NEW!!! Superintendent's Update
  • NEW!!! Message from the Principal
  • NEW!!! Return to Learn Survey
  • NEW!!! Mondays Meal Service-Spring Break March 22
  • NEW!!! Trio Information; Join Us for an Info Session
  • Spring Conferences 2021
  • 8th Grade Forecasting
  • Reminder!!! Yearbook 2020-2021
  • NWFS Family Support
  • Support with School: Northwest Family Services

  • Lines for Life Educator Wellness and new Parent Wellness Rooms

  • Mondays Meal Service
  • CMS Library Corner
  • CMS Regular School Bell Schedule
  • CMS Wednesday School Bell Schedule
  • Purpose: Wednesday Applied Learning
  • Attendance Information
  • CMS Student Email Form: Activated Thursday October 8, 2020
  • Chromebook Device Tech Support for Families
  • Index of Previous CMS Newsletters

NEW!!! Mondays Meal Service-Spring Break March 22

Spring Break March 22, 2021 – March 26, 2021

Centennial School District will only be servings at Centennial High School on

Monday March 22, 2021 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

All other sites: Parklane, Patrick Lynch, Powell Butte, Meadows and bus routes will be closed on

Monday March 22, 2021

Sites: Parklane, Patrick Lynch, Powell Butte, Meadows will resume service on Monday March 29, 2021 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Bus routes will be discontinued with the last day of service being Monday,

March29, 2021

Meal Service will continue until September 2021

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Spring Conferences 2021

Our conferences will be held

-Wednesday March 17, 2021

-Thursday March 18, 2021

Your student's team will let families know about conferences schedule and structure.

There will be no school on Thursday March 18, 2021 & Friday March 19, 2021.

Spring Break will be on the Week of March 22-26, 021

School will resume on Monday March 29, 2021.

8th Grade Forecasting

Starting this week, March 1st, 8th grade will be going over classes offered at CHS and forecasting for the next school year.

This week during community students will be reviewing what a graduation plant looks like, it's requirements and exploring courses offered at CHS. CHS Course Guide 2021-22 and

Four Year Planning

7th grade forecasting will occur in April 2021.

Reminder!!! Yearbook 2020-2021

Please send me pictures of your student in virtual learning to add you our yearbook 2021.

This school year creating a yearbook will not be easy. We must be creative and ensure to have a 2020-2021 CMS yearbook that is reflective of our new way of school, at least for now. This is a year to remember. Please send me pictures of your students attending school from home to include in the yearbook. You can email me at

NWFS Family Support

We are offering four Multifamily Workshops for parents and teens each month about vaping, cannabis, alcohol and family empowerment, every Tuesday night from 6:00pm-8:00pm via Microsoft teams (English) and Zoom (Spanish). I’m attaching the Multifamily workshops calendar and also proving the links to the online registration form.

Description of Multifamily Workshops:

  • Alcohol/ Cannabis and Youth - health effects of alcohol and cannabis, trends, laws, and advertisement tactics that can affect young people
  • Vaping and your Health — Nicotine and Cannabis facts, trends, and interventions
  • Family Empowerment — Teen brain development, connecting, and exploring values and goals together as a family

Families can register online or by calling

Maritza Leon Gutierrez (503) 593-0014

English link

Spanish link

February 2021

Vaping and your Health 2/2/2021 6-8pm Online

Cannabis and Youth 2/9/2021 6-8pm

Alcohol and Youth 2/16/2021 6-8pm

Family Empowerment 2/23/2021 6-8pm

March 2021

Vaping and your Health 3/2/2021 6-8pm Online

Cannabis and Youth 3/9/2021 6-8pm

Alcohol and Youth 3/16/2021 6-8pm

Family Empowerment 3/23/2021 6-8pm

Meeting with the CMS Principal

If you would like to set up a meeting with me please go to the link below and choose a time and date that is convenient for you. Sometimes you are needing to reach out and just don't know how to, this is a very convenient and easy tool to use. This tool will set up a meeting in your calendar and mine; it will also automatically set up a meeting via zoom but if you prefer a phone meeting just add a note or email me. I do speak Spanish and I can also set up a meeting with an interpreter of any language if needed. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

Calendar Link

Support with School: Northwest Family Services

Northwest is continuing to offer the Stay On Track Group ( SOT) this Winter beginning January 7th, 2021. We will continue to host a weekly, hour session specifically for our identifying female Middle School students.

Every Tuesday we meet from 3:00pm- 4:00pm, and we have discussions on life skills. Such as: homework help, drug prevention, positive coping skills. We formed it in an engaging way for our students, all while using research evidence based curriculum. We will have guest speakers, have arts and crafts, and after 10 sessions, we will have a fun virtual winter party! It is a small, intimate group, no more than 12 students. This way it can stay small and we all are able to have valuable conversations. This group is such a great opportunity for students to still “social” interact with students their own age, while learning real life skills.

I have attached our flyer if you’d like to share it in your newsletter, with other co-workers, or with families that you believe will benefit from this program. If students are interested in registering, please send them my way and I can help with the registration process.

Stay On Track English Flyer

Stay On Track Spanish Flyer

Taking Care of Ourselves and Other: A COVID-19 Guide for Youth and Families

Taking Care of Ourselves and Others: A COVID-19 Guide for Youth and Families. Created by Multnomah County students, parents, and public health communicators, this new toolkit uniquely empowers youth and families to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It includes tips on dealing with peer pressure, conversation starters for family members who may not be following COVID-19 precautions, information on where and how to get tested, mental and physical health resources as well as strategies for safer socializing and general prevention guidelines.

Lines for Life Educator Wellness and new Parent Wellness Rooms

Flyer for Educator & Parent Wellness Rooms

Lines for Life through its Helpers Helping Helpers programming has launched a variety of “wellness room” spaces on Zoom for folks to attend freely and seek support, share resources, and overall sit together in community during the pandemic. This is a statewide and FREE resource that is meant to support – please spread the word!

Some Wellness Rooms are also available in Spanish.

Parents Wellness Room: Tuesdays at 3 pm.

Parent Wellness Room: Thursdays at 3 pm.

CMS Library Corner

We've got new ebooks and audiobooks you can check out right now, no library card needed!

Go to, choose Centennial School District 28 as your school, and get reading today!

Need more information to get started? Check out our short getting started video.

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Getting started with Sora 1

CMS 2020-2021 Regular Bell Schedule

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CMS Wednesdays 2020-2021 Bell Schedule & Attendance

There are no live class meetings on Wednesdays. This schedule is available for students to follow and login to google classroom to complete assignments.

There is attendance being taken on Wednesdays for all CLASSES 1-6 (no community).

Students must show up on google classroom and submit an assignment for every class in order to be counted present. Some teams and teachers have students log into an activity log or attendance log. Please ensure to ask your student what they are doing on Wednesday for EVERY CLASS.

Wednesday Late Start

Please ensure that students login to all of their classes indicated in the Wednesday Bell Schedule, above. They must login to google classroom and complete an assignment or follow teacher directions for that day to be counted present.
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Applied Learning: Wednesdays

Here are a list of activities your child will potentially be doing on Wednesdays:

-Formative Assessments

-Specialized Small Group Instruction

-PE Journals

-Finishing up a project from class.

-Extension of the work they do Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday

-Independent work

-Paddlet Messages

-Student Discussion with peers or with teacher


-Silent Sustained Reading

Whatever they do engage in doing, please ensure that your child enters google classroom and communicates with teacher via an attendance form, submitting an assignment, or communication. This is applicable for every class periods 1-6.

IMPORTANT Attendance Information

Update NEW!

If you do not want to receive attendance calls at the end of the day as indicated below your, please have your student follow the attendance procedure mentioned above under Wednesday Bell Schedule, Attendance and Late Start by 4pm for EVERY CLASS, periods 1-6.


Beginning, Monday, September 28th, you will receive a call informing you that your student has an unexcused absence if they did not participate in class activities or have interaction with their teacher, an educational assistant or paraprofessional during the school day. Interaction can include:

  • Participating in a video class, communication from the student to the teacher via chat, text message, a communication app or email;
  • A phone call between the teacher, educational assistants or paraprofessionals and the student, or, for younger students, with the parent or guardian of the student; or
  • Posting completed coursework on a given day.

Please ensure that your student follows the information above on WEDNESDAY Schedule, attendance and late start.

Centennial Middle School Email Permission Form

Email for students will be turned on sometimes this week and if you would like your student to have this essential communication tool, please fill out this form and submit. Submit the FORM which is the second link in this section, not the first. The first link provides information about student emails.

THESE HAVE ALREADY BEEN ACTIVATED FOR STUDENTS. If your student does not have these activated this form MUST be completed. Click on the URL two links below.


Hello CMS Families,

Please consider filling out this form for your student, if you have not done so already. This will allow students to access their school email and it will facilitate communication between teachers and students.




Please fill out permission form below (IMPORTANT):

English (Agree/Disagree From):

Spanish (De acuerdo/en desacuerdo de Documento) :

Russian (Согласен / Не согласен с):

Chromebook Devise Tech Support

Please go to this website to receive Chromebook Tech Support when Needed.

CSD Technology Support for Students and Families