Daily Herald

June 9th, 1945


On June 9th,1944 I was taken on a boat and dumped off at Omahaw beach, Dog green Sector, Normandy. We were fighting Germany for control of the beach. This is were American soldiers, our kids, our husbands, our dads were slaughtered.

The first seconds off of the boat all I saw was complete chaos...

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Gunshots, bullets flying pass our heads, and bodies dropping everywhere. Soldiers were gruesomely tore apart by bullets and grenades. One man lost his right arm in an explosion, but continued to push forward with his right arm in his left hand. Another man was dragged by the general because he had both of his legs blown off by a mortar. One picture I will never forget as long as i'm alive is a man lying on the ground with his guts hanging out of his stomach. He had suffered multiple rifle wounds that had ripped out everything in it's path.
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Why are we doing this?!

We are sending our loved ones out to battle knowingly sending them to their death. Over 10,000 troops died just on D-Day alone. Think about losing 10,000 people that are neighbors, sons or even fathers every single day. This is what war is and no other word goes hand in hand with war other than DEATH.