Post-War America

By: Michael Seibert, Saul Loza, and Ashley


The role of women and the mainstream media was beginning to drastically change for better and worse in the 1950's and Holden would be considered an outcast.

Perception of Women After World War 2

During the war, women stepped up and played a much larger role in society. With millions of men, and some women, oversees helping the war effort, many jobs and oppurtunites to help out the homefront became availible. Women stepped up by taking these jobs and helping the economy recieve a much needed boost by producing ammo, producing clothes,, growing food, and other supplies. However, after the war ended, all the men who came back for were in need of jobs. This meant bad news for women because the factory owners happily accepted all the men back. While many women didn't mind going back to their "traditional" role, some women were unhappy about losing their jobs. After the war, the perception of women changed. Before the war, women were not seen as being capable of holding down the homefront. Afterwords, the role of women changed. In movies, many women were the stay at home wife, making sure the house was clean, kids are happy, and dinner was on the table for the father when he got home from work. In many crime movies, however, they were always in distress and their only hope is a man to save them This is clearly inspired from the war because cleaning and maintaining the house symbolizes how they maintained the homefron during the war. After the war, many magazines featured women on their covers. most of them in rather loose clothing and advertizing a product. They became more of a sex symbol. They had shorter hair.


After the war, music began to undergo big changes. During this time, rock music was on the rise. Its appeal was manly towards that of rebellious kids. Parents at the time hated it and called it the devil's music. some popular artists at the time were Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, and Little Richard. While these artists performed under different genre, each of these artits shared one common trait. They took the 50's by storm and arguably changed the perception of music forever.


Movies during the 1950's were very diverse. A new subgenre of movies was created during this time called Film Noir. These movies usually feature a damsel in distress and her only hope is for a man to save her. Examples of this type of film are: strangers on a Train, Ace in a Hole, The Hoodlum, and Cry Danger. These movies were the most popular in Film Noir. In addition to Film Noir. Other popular movies and genres were on the rise. Great examples were The Day the Earth Stood Still and Alice in Wonderland. The Day the Earth Stood Still is a sci-fi movie that was way ahead of its time. Featuring robots and aircrafts, this film was only the beginning of the rise of the sci-fi genre. Alice in Wonderland is a well known animated film that really helped to put disney on the map. With numerous spin-offs and remakes, this movie has established itsself as one of the most respected and well put together animated films of all time. Again this was only the beginning.

Best Seller's

Appliances: Gas Stoves, ironing Machine, Television and toaster.

Cars: 1959 Austi Heatley, 1959 Buick Electra, 1959 Chevorlet Impala, 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

Shoes and hats: 1950 Bustie bow calot(hat), !950 Dressy Homburg(hat),1954 Zip saddle Oxford ( Shoes), 1956 casual boot.

Views and Opinions on Various Psychiatry

Many Americans during this time were opposed to Psychiatry. They believed it did mor eharm and oppresed the mind of a human being. This was considered a liberal point of view. Others viewed it as pointless and easy to work around. Nowadays, people are more accepting of psychiatry. While it still faces oppposition and probably always will, Man people believe it is actually effective and will tolerate it being in their society.

Connection to " Catcher in the Rye"

" Now he's out in Hollywod, D.B, being a prostitiute. If there's one thing i hate, it's the movies." (Salinger 2). This Is Holden explaining his dilike for movies and how he veiews actors and actressess as fake.

"I certainly fel peculiar whn she did that. i mean she did it so sudden and all.I know your supposed to feel pretty sexy when somebody gets up and pulls their dress over their head, but i didn't." (Salinger 94-95). This is holden refering to the prostitute taking her dress off. He felt more sad for her and looked at her as a human being and not a sex object.

" people always clap for the wrong things." (Salinger 84).this is when Holden was at Ernie's bar watching him play piano. he feels that the people were only clapping because they want to be noticed. this s a very different view from mainstream beliefs.


On a seperate sheet of paper, number your page 1-10. Answer the following questions with truth or false.

1. " The Day the Earth Stood Still" was a popular film in the 1950's

2. Women were starting to be greatly limited of opportunities

3. Women were viewed more as objects of sex.

4. Americans always supported Psychiatry from its start.

5. The1950 Ford Thunderbird was considered the best looking car.

6 .A toaster was one of the best selling appliances during this time.

7. Horror films were a popular genre during this time

8. The tv set was considered a necessity

9. Holden views women as sex objects.

10. Holden views actressess and actors as fake phonies.


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Answers to Quiz

1. True

2. False


4. False

5. False

6. True

7. False

8. False

9. False