Greek Gods

Seth Gibson

How many Olympians were there?

There are 12 Olympians 7 males 5 females.

zeus uses the most powerful weapon. Is the thunder bolt.

what are the greek gods famous for

Zeus-is famous for his many affairs/over throwing Cronus.

Poseidon-creating the first horse.

Hades-God of the underworld.

Why did the gods over throw Cronus

Cronus was a titan that ate Zeus's brothers and sisters so Zeus defeated Cronus to free his family

Why would people pray to the Gods?

Zeus -to not break the oaths of the forefathers gave him.

Posidon - to have a safe voyage at see.

Hades - no one prayed to him.

Why did people hate Hades?

Because he is the God of the underworld.

What are the three most famous God's weapons?

Zeus -his weapon was the thunderbolt.

Poseidon -his weapon was a trident to control the sea.

Hades - his weapon was a helmet of invisibility.

What are the names of the three most famous Gods?

Zeus - God of the Sky and Heavens

Poseidon- God of the Sea

Hades -God of the Underworld