Simon Birch Visual Project

Kenny Bishop

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Don't let pride overwhelm you.

Simon's Characteristics

  • Insecure
  • Loud
  • Doesn't care
  • Smarts off
  • Sneaky
  • Kids look up to him
  • Savior
  • Hero to all


  • Event 1- Simon was born and doctor says he cant survive through the night
  • Event 2- Friends with Joe and lives a wonderful life.
  • Event 3- They snapped at each other.
  • Event 4- Joe's mom dies from a baseball.
  • Event 5- Went on field trip.
  • Event 6- Deer in the road and crashed in water.
  • Event 7- Simon is saving them one by one
  • Event 8- Simon saved the little kid.
  • Event 9- Simon passed away and told Joe to take his baseball cards.
  • Event 10- Joe named his kid Simon.