Staff Shout-Outs (Part 3 of 3)

National School Counselor & Guidance Specialists Week

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Chico High School Couselors

Doug Wion (Head Counselor)

Doug has been in education for 32 years. He taught for a few year in the LA area before moving to Paradise. This is his 28th year working at Chico High.

Robin Bicocca

Robin was a counselor at Chico High for 29 years. She retired last year but came back to fill in for Gianna Erro who moved over to Chico Junior High earlier this year.

Molly Becraft

Molly has been a school counselor for 7 years. This is her second year at Chico High. She was previously a counselor at Inspire School of the Arts.

Jennifer Carey

Jennifer has been a school counselor for 18 years. She worked at Pleasant Valley High School before moving over to Chico High in 2004.

Natalie Mathrole

This is Natalie’s 12th year of being a school counselor. This is her first year at Chico High. She was previously at Pleasant Valley High School. She also worked at Heritage High School in the Bay Area.


Pleasant Valley High School Counselors

"While the PV Counselors are highly appreciated for their enthusiastic empathy and support for their students, we specifically want to acknowledge ...

Amanda Ellis for her intense support of the floundering San Francisco Giants,

Jessica Issern for her amazing ability to display her talents in multiple languages

Melisa Schultz for her stylish dance moves during rallies

Rochelle Richmond for her ability to multi-task

Victor Valdez for his blind allegiance to bad sports teams

And Gabby Homesley for her constant smiles and welcoming hugs.

Victor Valdez – Victor is always calm and professional. He is innovative and data-minded in his approach to problem-solving.

Jessica Isern – Jessica has a warm personality that makes it easy for her to develop supportive relationships with both students and parents."

"Melissa Plants ,Victor Valdez and Amanda Ellis are all supportive, student centered, solution orientated staff who truly care for students and staff."


Alt Ed Counselors

Mark Hardesty: Thoughtful, encouraging, creative.

Quinn Mendez: Caring, compassionate, student centered.

John Siebal (LCSW): Intelligent, empathetic, compassionate.

Martha Andrade (Victor): Patient, Kind, Considers others first.


Bidwell Junior High School Counselors

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"Bidwell Junior Counselors are ...


-Able to wear many hats

-Always looking for ways to support students academically and emotionally

-Nurturing and Caring

-There for us."


Chico Junior High School Counselors

"The Chico Junior’s counseling team Jorge Salas, Patty Haley, Ann Murphy, and Gianna Erro are the caring heart of our school! They constantly look for ways to brighten everyone’s day. We love you all!"

-Chico Junior


Marsh Junior High School Counselor

"Thanks for sharing and giving a shout out to the people that help support our student’s social and emotional well-being on a daily basis"

Pam Bodnar

“A truly great counselor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.”

Sheila Snyder

“School Counselor, because awesome multitasking ninja isn’t a real job title.”


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