Soldiers's heart poster

By: Gary Paulsen


Soldiers heart is about this 15 year old boy how wants to see what a "shooting war" is like.

So he walks tow a town were nobody knows him and lies about his age and joins. At first he thinks it is boring Intel he goes into battle he is thinking the same thing as evryone else I am going to live he survive and he did. That battle right after the battle is done he pukes and at the next battle he has exepted death and dose not care if he lives or dies. So he gose into battle thinking he is going to die. At the next battle he gets shot several times But he dose not die he lives and goes home.


The genra of this book is historical fiction.

Main character

The main character is charley a 15 year old boy. He wants to be in a shooting war (the civil war). So he goes to the next town over and lies about his age. Then he gets in at first he thinks it is boring then they go into battel. He is scared at first but after that first battel he is not because he has exepted death. So he makes it through all the battles then goes home and has P.t.s.d.