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October 30, 2022

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Reading - Blue Book Bags

Hello Robinson Cougar Families.

We have received a number of questions and comments about students' blue book bags.

Those bags should be going home daily and returning to school the next school day.

If students have not changed their books for a number of days, please know that the research says that staying on the same book for a while is part of the developmental process of learning to read.

But if you feel the student wants a new book and is forgetting to switch the books out, please work with your child's teacher to get help with the switch.

And if the blue books bags are not coming home at all, then please reach out to the teacher or me or Ms. Kaminski for help getting those blue book bags to go home.

Parents have been doing an amazing job with reading at home. Thank you so much. I look forward to celebrating with students who "level up" in reading as your hard work combined with teachers' and students' hard work comes to success.

Cherie Thibodeaux

Principal, Robinson Elementary

Colds and coughs, etc. - from our health office

Cold winter months are right around the corner.

  • If your child has a persistent cough and no other symptoms please keep them home and get them tested at one of our testing sites.
  • If they have more symptoms, again, please take them to get tested at one of our sites.
  • Also, if their child has pink eye, they need to stay out until they have had 24 hours with their prescription drops.
  • Also, if your child has diarrhea, more than 2 loose stools, they need to stay home until they have had 24 hours with no further episodes.
  • If they vomit or have fever, they also need to be out until they have had 24 hours vomit/fever free with no medication.
  • Please do not send children to school with ibuprofen or cough medicine if they are exhibiting symptoms.
This form has a link to register for testing. Thank you for your help!

SAEBRS Screener

This year, in addition to academic screening, we will be administering the SAEBRS Screening. SAEBRS (Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener) is a brief, norm-referenced tool for screening all students to identify those who are at risk for social-emotional behavior (SEB) problems. This screener will consist of a brief questionnaire filled out by the teacher. Information gathered by the screener will be used to further understand the needs of our students and to identify students who may need additional support through our Multi-Tiered System of Support (MLSS).

Administration of the SAEBRS will be offered in both Spanish and English and will occur three times this year. Once in fall, once in winter, and again in spring. If you have questions about the SAEBRS Screener in which your student is participating, please contact your child's school assessment coordinator.


EARLY Release Days in 2022-23 (1:30 p.m. pickup time):

November 2, 16

December 7

January 4, 18

February 1, 15

March 1, 15

April 5, 19

May 3, 17


November 4 No School, End of Term 1

November 11 Report Cards sent home

Class Dojo vs. Blackboard

Some information on how we communicate.

Robinson is a Class Dojo school. We use Class Dojo for day-to-day communication and building updates. Teachers will share information with you about Dojo and help you get signed up. You may message teachers questions. Our Health Room Assistant, Jodi, will also send messages through Class Dojo. Teachers will not respond to messages immediately, but they will see those messages and get back to you.

We also use Blackboard to send out updates to families. Blackboard will be used for reminders about Early Release days (one message the day before), upcoming events or days off, our newsletters, and for any emergency communication.

There is an option to stop getting Blackboard messages, but I do ask that you continue to get messages so you will be aware if we ever have to send out emergency notices via Blackboard.

If you need to update your email or cell phone number or emergency contacts, then please let us know.

Morning Drop-off

Student Arrival

Doors Open at 7:35 AM

School Begins at 7:45 AM

All cars should drive AROUND the building and drop off at doors 6 & 7 or at the front door after the back doors are no longer staffed by teachers.

IF you drop your child off at the basketball court, please stay in your car and allow our staff person to help your child cross the line of traffic.

4K - 3rd grade - enter doors 6 & 7 (both doors lead to the gym)

If you drive a vehicle to drop off your children here are a few safety notes:

  • do not park in the circle, driver stays in the car
  • PULL forward as far as possible, Child gets out onto the sidewalk
  • Students will walk into the building independently

PLEASE PULL FORWARD AS FAR AS POSSIBLE - this helps to reduce a traffic jam on Cranston Road

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To Report an Absence:

Please call the Attendance Line/Ms. Bennett to report a daily absence: (608) - 361-2805. Please leave a voicemail.

OR, send a message to the Class Dojo account Robinson Office/Attendance

Ms. Bennett will get absences entered in the morning.

It is important to us that students attend school everyday so that they may maximize learning. It is also vital that we track reasons for absences and have accurate attendance data. Thank you for keeping Ms. Bennett informed about your child's absence.


In an effort to continue to promote safety, ALL treats and snacks brought into Robinson MUST be store bought items. It is preferred treats be individually packaged. NO pizzas or full meals for class treats or snacks.

In addition to this, students are recognized at Robinson during their birthday week. They are called down to the office on Fridays to receive a special surprise from the Principal. We ask that families celebrate their student's birthday at home and refrain from bringing in balloons , flowers etc. to school. Store bought birthday treats (not fast food, pizzas, or full lunches) are still welcome! Please arrange this with your child's teacher ahead of time.

At Robinson, we believe:

  • The importance of making positive connections and building strong relationships with staff, students, and families

  • Educating and supporting the whole child

  • Establishing a safe and engaging learning environment

SDB Covid 19 Dashboard

The SDB Dashboard is updated Monday through Friday at 4:00 pm. The School District of Beloit provides this data for families staff, and community members as a summary of COVID-19 confirmed cases in our District.​

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Important Phone Numbers

(608) 361-2800 - Robinson Main Office

(608) 361-2810 - Ms. Cherie Thibodeaux - Principal

(608) 361-2875 - Ms. Kelly Kaminski - Assistant Principal

(608) 361-2805 - Ms. Amanda Bennett - Robinson Secretary

(608) 361-2845 - Ms. Ariana Bruno - Home/School Liaison - Español

(608) 361-2843 - Ms. Harmony Shepherd - School Social Worker

(608) 361-2878 - Ms. Kayla Allen - School Counselor

(608) 361-2819 - Mr. Joe Guzaldo - School Psychologist

(608)361-2815 - Ms. Jodi Stolarzyk - Robinson Health Room Assistant

(608) 361-2815 - Ms. Sara Templeton - East Side School Nurse Todd, Merrill, Robinson

Beloit Proud!

On behalf of the Board of Education and the School District of Beloit we stand against all forms of systemic and institutional racism. Now more than ever it is necessary for our community’s institutions and organizations to commit to be anti-racist. We are proud of the diversity within the School District of Beloit and we acknowledge the challenges and adversity that so many of our families of color are facing. We are always committed to supporting our students, families, and staff. We are here for you and we are stronger together. #BeloitProud

All About Us

Cherie Thibodeaux - Principal - (608) 361-2810

Kelly Kaminski - Assistant Principal - (608) 361-2875

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