Han Dynasty (202 BCE-256 CE)

By Stephanie and Veronika


Rulers of this dynasty changed politic ways and modified government from leader to leader. They lost power by forgetting the poor, enjoying their wealth too much, Way of ruling caused decrease in economy, Lost control of people or people disagreeing with the leader or not liking him.
Rulers in the Han dynasty include Han witch is first to rule, Ruizi, Wendi, Aidi, Wudi, Huidi and other 28 rulers including these. These rulers rose to power by winning or helping in wars or battles, Was smart, wise, Didn't care about who was wealthy to who was poor, Let anyone be government officials, Making politics better, improving government, architecture, gave food, caring for poor, and trade.
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This is a building Emperor Wu encouraged were the best potential candidates were chosen.

Inventions / Technology / Science & Architecture

In this time period, the process to make paper was invented. They also learned how to cast iron tools,invented the weaving loom,and how to porcelain,which was Chinese pottery and the wheelbarrow was invented.The Han dynasty advanced in medicine,astronomy and math. The Han dynasty built more watchtowers,temples, and storehouses. They also experimented with baked brick. The military conquered what is now Korea and Vietnam.
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The wheelbarrow was one of their inventions.


The Han economics was a good one. The emperors used the army to protect the trading routes and because of that merchants were more willing to travel farther,since they were more protected. The Han dynasty traded with the Mediterranean, Middle East, and the Roman Empire. They traded silk and paper with China, since paper was in great demanded. In return they traded horses,for they knew the Han rulers treasured horses. Jobs that grew important was farmers who grew food like rice. Merchants weren't respected,but it was an important job and you could get rich fast.Things that grew important during this dynasty was silk, horses for the army, spices, glassware, ivory, glass, iron, iron tools, salt and copper work.The Han dynasty traded with the Mediterranean, Middle East, and the Roman Empire.

social life

Han dynasty discouraged the Qin practice of swift death for anyone who criticized the laws or politics.He encouraged to work hard, to be fair and solve problems of people.Encouraged learning and education. Encouraged the belief of sharing power.Encouraged not ruling by force.In this dynasty people loved to sculpt horses, fine art, decorative art, revival of tomb art, urban architecture, pottery,Ceramic art, Relief sculptures, Mural paintings, and literature theory of the 5.
In this dynasty city life was rich, the poor lived in crowded houses, Country side life better for peasants,had to work hard, but had food and shelter.The taxes though were reduced in the Han dynasty. Rich went to school.
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This the social life pyramid.