February 22, 2016

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but because coming back from a break is never easy...

Monday, February 22, 2016 has been declared a "free jeans day"! See you Monday!
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2/22/16 - PL Day

2/26/16 - TOTY Nominations Due

2/26/16 - January Attendance Winners Luncheon

2/29/16 - 2nd Formatives Begin

3/1/16 - Teacher Work Day (Get Out and Vote Day)

3/3/16 - PCSD Job Fair

3/4/16 - TOTY Assembly

*Important dates that I may have missed will be communicated in a follow-up email!


Thank you to Mrs. Brooks and everyone who has helped create 6th Grade's Inspiration Wall. I love that this is what greets them as they enter their hallway!
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KID PRESIDENT - he's not a new face, but he makes some good points

We are all leaders...what we do with that responsibility is what sets us apart from others. How are you positively stepping our from the crowd? How are you using your talents to blaze trails of awesomeness?
Three quotes from this video that sits with me...
"I want to take the road that leads to awesome."
"Keep going, keep going, and keep going."
"We got work to do."
We have 6 weeks left before we begin testing - I don't say that to put pressure on you, I don't say that to scare anyone, I don't say that flippantly....I say that because it is reality. That is what we have and "we got work to do."
Let's do this!
Kid President - Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership
Click for info on the PCSD Voluntary Transfer Process

The Voluntary Transfer Form is now available. For questions, please contact HR and we will be happy to assist. This link is also available on the INTRANET.

Electronic Sign-In - the old method is dead

Remember that beginning Monday, February 22, all staff members should be signing in using the raptor system. We have 4 locations in the building where you can sign in. Please do so as soon as you arrive each morning.
If you need to leave, please gain approval from an administrator and sign out when you leave using the raptor system. If you return to the building, please sign back in. You do not have to sign out unless you are leaving prior to the end of the work day.
If you find the computer turned off, please view the form below to see instructions for logging on to those computers. These directions are also posted above each computer with the exception of the front office computer.
I have also left the instructional video on this newsletter one last time.
Electronic sign-in

Happy Birthday!

2/23/16 - Elizabeth Irby

2/23/16 - Felice Dyer

2/24/16 - Darrel Cooper

2/26/16 - Wanda Weaver

Master Blaster - How Old Are You

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