October 2018

Principal Message

Hello Families!

As we enter our third month of school, I wanted to take a moment to remind you of a few key events coming up at Lyn Knoll. But first, I want to thank all families who participated in our “Fall” into Literacy Festival on September 12! We had over 250 participants come to school that evening to learn about how to support our students with literacy at home. We hope to continue having these family events throughout the school year to bridge the gap between school and home.

October Count Day- October 3

As you may know, the amount of funding Lyn Knoll receives from the state is determined by the number of students who are here on October Count Day. This funding provides the resources necessary to effectively run the school and provide the best education possible for your child. This year’s October Count Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3. In an effort to ensure all of our students are present on Wednesday, we ask that families please be sure to send your children to school on Wednesday. Although we realize every day of school is important, this day is especially important because it determines how many teachers and resources we can afford to have at our school. Any student who is here on Wednesday will be invited to a movie night on Friday at Lyn Knoll.

Fall Field Day- October 11

At Lyn Knoll, we believe that everyday movement is so important to stimulate brain and body growth and strength! To support this, we will be hosting our Fall Field Day on Thursday, October 11th. Please be sure that students wear appropriate athletic gear (sneakers, sweats/shorts, etc. on this day!) Also, depending on the weather, please be sure students are dressed appropriately (sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.)

Halloween Parade/Mad for Math Day- October 31

On October 31, we will be hosting families for our Mad for Math/Halloween Parade. Beginning at 1:00, families are invited to come to Lyn Knoll to join students as they participate in math centers. Additionally, we invite all students to dress-up in their Halloween costumes on this day. Students will have a costume parade around the school to show off their spooky (and I’m sure many princess-like) costumes! More information will be coming your way regarding this event!

Have a great October and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

Upcoming Important Dates

  • 10/3 - Student Count Day

  • 10/5 - Movie Event for students present on Count Day

  • 10/11- Field Day & Parent Coffee

  • 10/12 - Teacher Workday, No Classes

  • 10/15-19 - Fall Break

  • 10/22 - PR Day, No Classes

  • 10/23 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • 10/24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • 10/31 - Mad for Math/Halloween Parade

October Parent Coffee

Thursday, Oct. 11th, 8:30-9:30am

12445 East 2nd Avenue

Aurora, CO

Mad for Math/Halloween Parade

Wednesday, Oct. 31st, 2-2:45pm

12445 East 2nd Avenue

Aurora, CO

Homework Policy

Inclement Weather

As written in the Aurora Public Schools Student Handbook, “It is an expectation that students well enough to be in school are well enough to participate in all activities, including outdoor recess. It is suggested that children be dressed for the Colorado weather conditions. Current weather conditions will determine whether or not students go outside for school activities. Outdoor recess will be held if the temperature including wind chill, is 20 degrees or above. The decision for recess will also be based on weather conditions at the school site.”

Lyn Knoll’s Policy:

Indoor Recess/Line Up will occur for the following reasons:

  • Temperature is below 20 degrees; or

  • Temperature is below 32 degrees AND the conditions such as clouds, wind chill, etc., determine it is not ideal for students and staff; or

  • Rain conditions are above a “mist”

Because Colorado weather fluctuates throughout the day, we ask that your child come to school prepared for the cold weather and with their winter gear i.e. coat, gloves, hat, scarf and boots. All students must still come prepared with athletic shoes so that they can participate in P.E. every day.

If you need assistance with obtaining winter gear for your child, please contact Mrs. Garcia.

Box Tops for Education - Help us earn money

Do you cut box tops? Do you know someone that does? Send them our way!

We are collecting box tops for education to raise money for our school. Watch the short video below to understand how it's done.


NutriSlice - New Cafeteria Menu Platform - October Menu

Welcome to NutriSlice, Aurora Public Schools' newest way to browse and review your child's school breakfast and lunch menu. Just click the link below and select the schools you prefer.

Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Click the link below for access to the 2018/2019 lunch application. If you need assistance with this process, please stop by the office during business hours.

Student Check In System

Click below for access to the new online student check in system. For new users, contact the main office for your log-in information. This process must be completed every year. If you have not completed this process and need assistance, please stop by the office during business hours.

Parent Portal Access

Click the link below for access to the Parent Portal. Once logged in, you can view your child's attendance, grades, and other communications with regard to your APS student(s).

Add money to your child's lunch account

Click the link below for access to your child's lunch account and to add money for lunch payment. You may also do this via your Parent Portal by clicking on the "Pay for school meals online" link.

Visitor Check in System and Requirements

Lyn Knoll has implemented the APS District Wide Raptor Security System to check in our visitors. This system reviews a nationwide database to check backgrounds on individuals that that visit our school, including all APS employees, authorized Volunteers and District Approved Contractors.

It is required that you provide us with your government issued ID which will then be scanned in the system. You will then be issued a visitor sticker that must be worn at all times while you are in the building and must be returned to the office upon exiting the building. Please be prepared with identification every time you visit our school. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office.

For more detailed information, please contact our APS Security department directly.

PeachJar - Flyer Communication

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