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Issue 4 - Questioning Techniques

Welcome to issue four of the Duncanrig Secondary Professional Development Update. Asking effective questions is a part of formative assessment which, in lots of ways, allows us to judge the involvement of pupils in their learning. Improving the quality of the questions we ask can lead to reasonably quick changes in learning in the classroom. Unfortunately, very often we tend to ask closed questions and too many of them. When we ask good, well-planned questions, we ask our students to give answers which will require them to use more focused thinking skills.This newsletter introduces some ideas about how to ask more effective questions in order for students to get the most from our classes.
TMBrock Questioning

Questioning Techniques

In this clip, which was shown at a Teaching Conference in England, teacher David Doherty discusses the different ways he uses questioning in his classroom. He also discusses Solo Taxonomy, another way of developing your questions to build understanding in students. There will be an issue of the Newsletter dedicated specifically to that after summer. Questioning is and should be a massive part of what we do every day. How and when we ask them is vitally important, as is the time we leave for our students to think. It is an interesting area for discussion. Again, if you have any links to resources or ideas, please share.

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Thanks for you support in getting this wee venture off the ground. The response has been amazing and all comments are always appreciated and gratefully accepted. In August I'll send out all four again and get up and running with Issue Five as soon as possible. Have a good summer. We've all earned it.

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Edited by Kenny Pieper, English Teacher at Duncanrig Secondary School in East Kilbride, Scotland. Articles sourced via Twitter and the internet and reproduced with permission of the authors.