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Support Services and Communication for Students and Parents

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Need to Know

  • GPS Services
Mrs. Menard (Room 366/Science) and Mrs. Brewer (Room 115/English), the HAL coordinators at Bellevue West, are here to provide support to students and parents in terms of classroom differentiation, college preparation and social/emotional needs. Room 351 will be used every day during GPS to provide these services.
  • Peer Tutors Needed

We have had a great response from the teachers about our new peer tutoring program. This means that we are in great need of peer tutors. If you are interested but missed the meetings, you should contact Mrs. Brewer or Mrs. Menard or come to room 351 during GPS. If you are already approved to be a tutor, please utilize the google doc that was shared with you to sign up for an available day(s) to tutor.

Semester Finals: Tips and Schedule

  • Start reviewing for finals now. Do not wait and try to “cram” all the information into your head in one night. A cummulative final exam can count for up to 10% of your semester grade.

  • If your teacher provides study or review guides, work on them as soon as they are provided to you. Write things out and don't just look at notes.

  • Have a parent or friend quiz you on information you believe will be on the exam. Make flashcards for vocabulary words and carry them with you. You can review them when you are waiting for some activity to begin. A few minutes at a time can make a big difference on exam day.

  • Get a good night’s sleep before your exams! Staying up very late the night before an exam will only make it more difficult for you to remember things and process your answers. Sleep deprivation is not the answer to doing well on your finals!

Tips listed above from Vernon Hills High School website:

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Upcoming Events

  • Registration Forms Coming Out in January

Registration for 2015-2016 school year will begin in January. Attached are newly developed registration forms to assist with selection of classes for next year. You will also receive a hard copy of the form below in your GPS after break and you will be emailed a copy of the form as well. This form is intended to help facilitate a conversation between you, your parent/guardian, and your current teachers regarding appropriate selection of rigorous classes. Please remember that the bulk of HAL services occur in the higher level classes you select. Feel free to print a copy of the form below and begin your planning if you want. Seniors, you are not registering for high school classes so please consult counselors for future planning.


Check out this video in which college admissions counselors explain what they are looking for in terms of a good candidate for admission to their institution.
Taking Tough Classes

Contact Information

  • Email:
Mrs. Menard:

Mrs. Brewer:

  • GPS: Room 351
  • Phone: 402-293-4040
  • Classrooms:
Mrs. Menard (Science) Room 366

Mrs. Brewer (English) Room 115