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All the happenings from August & looking ahead to Septemeber

Busy Past 2 Months!

How are you doing? Has life been keeping you overly busy? As you noticed I did not even get a short newsletter out in July. Part of that was due to some technical issues and part of it was due to the fact of the massive fires in WA where my father lives and was evacuated. But he was able to go back home! I am so thankful. As of this morning there are still fires burning and threatening homes in that Okanogan Complex fire where even some of you who receive this newsletter live. We will continue to pray for you who live in that area and those fighting the fires!

The fires around us continue to burn. The fire lines are holding so no homes have burned and we pray it will stay that way! We are grateful for those manning the lines and flying the planes and helicopters.

Let us know on our FB Group Page if there is anything we can be keeping in prayer for you or your team. We are here to support each other!

Quick update: our home continues to change and get farther along in completion. Insulation is supposed to be finished this week. Drywall goes on next. Still hoping for a real kitchen, but know that we may just be "camping for the kitchen" for some time before we can really do anything to complete it. There is a season for all things.

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Immortelle - What is your Testimony?

From Kylene Lessig our diamond leader, "I will never forget the story Emily told about the Horse accident with her son. How the doctor was in awe. The best way to be compliant here is to say "this oil is one everyone should have". I'm so excited that this oil blend is our Quarterly Promo that is available the entire month of September. When you enroll someone with the Home Essentials Kit, they would get this valuable oil blend for Free automatically. This also goes for all of you members that joined in August or earlier. When you order 200pv in one single order this month you get two promos! The Loyaty Reward's Program has a "FREE Product of the Month" offer for those who order 125PV before the 15th (the free LRP Product of the month is 15 ml of Clove) So you may as well put your 200 PV order in before the 15th so you can be guaranteed 2 specials!"

September Specials

AromaTouch Technique Training

Our diamond leader, Kylene Lessig, was able to come over with her family and taught the ATT here in Eureka, August 21st. It was a blessing. Already those that participated have been blessing others. Are you interested in getting a group of your team or even those that are not Wellness Advocates together for a class? Let the person who enrolled you know or contact me so we can get you the details and scheduled. What a great bonding experience, beside the blessing you can be to others!

WOW! Look at all the Sharing Happening!

Top Enrollers July & August:


4 Lori Knight

1 Tracy Newman

1 Sandra Sanders

1 Cindy Grigsby


7 Andrea Rittenour

4 LaVee Hummel

4 Dawn Starkey

3 Terrie King

2 Vicki Cunningham

2 Clint Black

1 Chelsea Pieske

1 Nanette Haley

1 Tracy Newman

1 Nell Voorhees

1 Sandra Sanders

1 Mariah Bebeau

1 Beverly & John Davis

1 Chuck Stilwell

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Congratulations to those who reached New Ranks - New Goals

So Happy for everyone of you who are striving unselfishly reaching out to help those around you. It is showing as you reach new ranks! Some are even skipping ranks you are sharing so fast! August was amazing!! Whoo-Hoo everyone!



Lindsey Parsons

Lori Knight



Andrea Rittenour (skipped Executive)


Anita Starkey (from SC!)

Beverley & John Davis

Lori Knight


Dawn Starkey

Terrie King

Nanette Haley

Kelly Cuttitta

Nell Voorhess

Chuck Stilwell

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CONVENTION is almost here Sept 9-12!

Do you have a team member, upline or downline going to convention? What a great way to learn the latest that is going on with our great company! New oils, products, opportunities and resources. Be sure and attend a class that will help you keep up to date on what is happening.

Want to get a convention kit? Let someone on your team who is going know so you can get in on the specials that only happen in a convention kit. Don't know of anyone on your team or upline going? Let me know so we can work out the details.

Upcoming Classes in September

Taught by Me:

Eureka, MT at Glacier Bank Community Room

Sept. 15, 6:30 pm - "Emergency Oils"

Sept. 29, 6:30 pm - "Toxic Free Cleaning"

Taught by Andrea Rittenour :

Athol, ID

Sept. 15, 6:00 pm - "Natural Solutions"

Sept. 22, 6:00 pm - To be determined