By: Malerie J., Jaden Sanford, and Macie A.

Southern Magnolia

Common name: southern magnolia

Full height: 27 meters

Climate it grows in: from North Carolina to Florida

Life span:80-more than 100 years

It produces big white flowers

Reproduction: about 50% of the seeds live and get spread around by animals

Growing one: pick a clear big area

Soil needs to be rich and drained

Mulching needs to be thin and over the years re-mulch

Organisms dependent: birds and bees

Limiting factors: wild fires, not enough water, and not enough space to grow in

What parasites effect: algae, moss,

Abiotic factors: slope weather temperature

This tree will bring in more animals like birds squirrels etc.

Red Oak Tree

Common names- Red Oak, Northern oak, Common red oak

Life Span-400 years

Growth habitat-Full Sun

Climate-Warm climate

Height- 60-75 meters

Fast growth

Shade tree

What parasites- Anthracnose,oak leaf blister

This tree attracts birds and other animals that can fly, So they can make nests in the tree.

Type of flower the red oak produces- grass flower

Live Oak Tree

Common names: Live Oak, Coastal Oak, Virginia Oak, and Southern Oak

Growth Rate: 2.5 per year

Climate: Humid with temps from 110 degrees to 38 degrees

Life Span: between 300 and 3,000 years

Reproduction: Acorns grow into Live Oaks; age of reproduction is 40-50 years

How to grow one: Plant an acorn, fertilize, an make sure it is watered well

What organism are dependent on it: Robin, blue jays, starling, squirrels, foxes, caterpillar, spiders, spider mites, moths, leaf rollers, and if in swampy areas copperheads and garden snakes

Limiting factor: Wild fires, dry weather(droughts), not enough water

What parasites affect it: Oak worms, oak worm larvae, and fungi

Abiotic factors: Slope weather temperatures