Disposable Diapers

Disosable Diapers Here, There, and Everywhere

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Ever on the run and need to change the babies diaper? A quick and easy diaper to use is the disposable ones, easy put on easy throw away.

Disposable Diapers are used on a daily basis with new born parents. Disposable diapers are very convient. They are more costly than cloth diapers, but easier to use considering they don't have to be washed and you can jjust toss them after using them. Also they are more sanitary than cloth diapers because they are not being washed after being pooped in or peed in, you just throw away and grab a new one. They also make biodegratable diapers, for the Eco- Freindly people. To find out more read below.

Anymore Questions?

If you have anymore questions about disposable diapers, here is a website that can explain friendly choices and conveince of disposable diapers.

A quick video to show you how to use a dispoable diaper

This video is going to teach you how to change a disposable diaper, its very easy. It also will teel you some do's and don'ts, for instance leaving the baby on the changing table. I hope you enjoy!
How To Change a Disposable Diaper

Sara F. Class 7