Breannas year in Science

Eathqauke pbl

DQ:whatdid i enjoy the most?

Answer: my favorite was the building process.

The PBL project was based on a earthqauke resistent house that will be put on california for Tonty Starks( Iron man) to live in. We had to build a house with sticks, straws, clay, and string to ne earthqauke resistent. Once the house was built we had to put it on the shake table to see if it will survive a somewhat like earthquake. We ended up putting our house in San Diego because there was a low earthquake risk there. Overall the project was fun and i hope to do a project like this in 7th grade.

The 30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands project was based on global warming and pollution. The majority of the project was on how climate change can affect ecosytems, animals, and people. The other Majority of the project is of global warming and what affects it can do to the world and to the enviroment. This project was done on Picollage and the "30 Hands" app, this was really fun and really cool to learn about.

Invention convention.

The Invention Convention is a project about saving energy and to get energy without using fossil fuels that will pollute the atmosphere. We use reuseable trash to make an invention that will create energy without using fossil fuels. Me and my partner Fernanda came up with an idea about a windmill that creates energy. This was really fun to build and to do I hope to do this again someday.
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