In a Cooky/Crazy World, This Is Me.

Rebecca Bishop

May I Interest you in my Interests?

A Few Things I enjoy are:

  • Drumming with the Band
  • Watching Netflix
  • Eating Food

Half a Mind

I am right side brain oriented. this shows I am creative, passionate, and enjoy freedom.

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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

I have a RED personality type. being a competitive cheerleader really shows this personality type because RED personality types are competitive and determined.

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In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Yourself

To have self-esteem, you need to take pride in all that you do, who you are, and who you want to become. You need to have self-respect. You also need to have dignity. without these things it will be hard to accomplish all the goals you have set for yourself. I have a 36% self-esteem rating.

You're Perfect ; Trent Shelton

My Prize Possesions

Everybody has values. Some values are bigger or more meaningful to others. My work values include Associates and Ethics. These things are things I care about in my work life. What are your values?

Never Grow Up, if it invloves quiting what you love.

I enjoy goofing off, being crazy, and exploring new opportunities. if I grew up, my hobbies would be flushed down the drain. I love to play drums and express myself through music. I love watching Doctor Who because it is an alternate universe to escape to, to get away from the real world and have some fun. Hobbies are something you do for enjoyment. They do not have to be something educational or important, they just need to be a way you can express yourself and find freedom.

My Future is SO Cool, I wear Bow Ties!


Freshman Year- Band and East as extra classes

Sophomore Year- Band, East, Health, and PE for extra classes

Junior Year- Band, East, and Spanish for extra classes

Senior Year- Band, East, and Spanish for extra classes


Take Science classes aimed towards Physical Therapy Degrees

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EXPLORE The Possibilities

The Explore test recommends I go through 4 years of college classes and look into the Education Career. This is a possibility of a career I would look into because I like helping people. Teaching is a way I could help kids, or adults, learn new things and find themselves.

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Don't Wait for your Future to Creat You, Create Your Future

I want to go into Physical Therapy when I get older.

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Physical Therapy Career

Physical Therapy

As a Physical Therapist you plan, prepare, or carry out individually designed programs of physical treatment to maintain, improve, or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain, or prevent physical dysfunction in patients. As a Physical Therapist you help people that are in pain to overcome their pain without a lot of medicine. You show them exercises they can do at home and in therapy sessions to work through their pain without causing much more discomfort. Physical Therapist use a lot of different tools to help each client. They can also do different types of treatments during a session. To become a Physical Therapist you must have knowledge and education in physical therapy and other aspects of education depending on the type of physical therapy you go into. Most therapy clinics call for you to have a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. Physical Therapists need writing skills, critical thinking skills, and time management skills to be successful. The Median Wages for Physical Therapists is $79,860 annual.

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Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken

To live how you want to live, most of the time you will have to work hard for it. My to 3 Life Values are: Spiritually- get closer to God on my walk with him. Live life they way you know God would want you to live. Family- spend lots of time with your family. You never know when you will lose one of your family members. Cherish the times you have with them. They will love you more than anyone else on the Earth. Leisure Pursuits- Live Life to the Fullest. Do the things you want to do and the things you enjoy. Live with no regrets because you want to get the most out of life and you wont do that by living life under the shadows. These are my Desired Life Styles.

This Is Me

I am an auditory learner. On the Multiple intelligence quiz I found that I was interpersonal and musical. I enjoy photography, band, Netflix, food, friends, and family. In June of 2013 I asked God to take over my life. I was saved in the year 2007 but I had been led astray into the sinful world. I put my life in God's hands and have been living a Christian life since. My three main friends are Elizabeth, Lexi, and Spencer. Elizabeth and I have been friends for 12 years. From the day she was born, we were the best of friends. She has been my rock through my walk with Christ. We have gone to the same church since birth and have helped each other out along the way. Lexi and I have been friends for three years. We met through Competitive cheerleading and haven't had a dull moment together since. Spencer and I met two years ago and have had a fantabulous friendship ever since. We are both percussionist and share a bond that I have shared with no one else. We spend every second of the time we are together laughing and having a great time. I am me, and I wouldn't want to be anyone else!

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