All About Me


My Family

I have two children, a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I live with my husband, Mike, our two kids and 2 cats. My daughter is in Year 1 and my son attends preschool. Our cats only came to live with us last October, a present for my daughter's 6th birthday. Their names are Shyla and Dash - Shyla is the mum and Dash is her kitten. We adopted them from the World Protection for Animals.

My Jobs and Teaching Philosophy

Four years ago I embarked on a new journey; to become a teacher. Previously I had been working as an Advertising Manager within the retail sector and had become despondent to the day to day stress of impending deadlines and sales-driven campaigns. I was drawn to teaching as a way to help others; to help young children to develop their abilities, skills, identities and confidence in themselves as a person. As a teacher, I will aim to encourage a love of learning and acquiring new knowledge – something which I myself still have due to my parents, teachers and other adult figures whilst I was growing up. I recognise the importance of using effective communication to build relationships within the classroom and to ‘get to know’ each student so as I can develop programming that is relevant for each individual. Through employing strategies that acknowledge each student’s personal strengths and differences, I would like to hope that my classroom will encourage students to contribute and respect each other regardless of background, skills, knowledge or prior experiences.

I would like to ensure that peer learning is developed and social relationships encouraged, with opportunities for students to work collaboratively in cooperative learning situations. It seems imperative to me that a positive atmosphere is created, where all students are encouraged to contribute and individual or group success is acknowledged. Following, my practical experience, I acknowledge that there will be challenging times and challenging students, however I do not see this as a negative thing. All students have their weaknesses and strengths, as do all people, and I believe it is up to us as teachers to harness those strengths and adapt our teaching strategies or classroom management strategies as much as possible to help these students succeed.

I see this role as challenging but one that will hopefully be very rewarding as I am able to engage, motivate and help all my students in their learning.

My Interests


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