Gerald Rudolph Ford

The First Unelected President

Becoming President

Ford was made president solely by a vote of Congress in August 1974 with restrictions

Granted a complete pardon to Nixon for any crimes he committed, including the Watergate scandal

  • Ford Pardon
  • Democrats were outraged because they sought justice
  • Nixon explained he wanted to end Nixon's private agony

Sought to keep the détente intact

July 24th: President Ford joined leaders for 34 other nations to sign historical accords

  • Agreements officially wrote an end to WWII by legitimizing the Soviet-dictate boundaries of Poland and the East
  • Soviets signed the "Third Basket" which guaranteed more liberal exchanges of people and information and protection of human rights

Moscow's restriction on Jewish emigrated in December 1973 prompted Congress to add restrictions to the US-Soviet bill

Americans were furious with Moscow's Double Dealing

  • Did not give anything of comparable importance to America through the détente
  • Continued to haul arm to procommunist countries

End of the Vietnam War

North Vietnam continued to pressure the South

President Ford asked Congress to send more weapons, but they refused

  • South fell soon after due to lack of American support

Americans had to be quickly evacuated until April 29, 1975

South Vietnamese were also rescued and were allowed in the USA

American pride and power had been wounded due to this war

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